Sky Diving


₹23499/- per person

Delhi, India

Sky Diving

10000 feet height

32sec free fall


2 hrs drive from New Delhi


Skydiving In India.

It is an extreme sport. Skydiving, also called parachuting, is a sport in which person jump out of an airplane at a 10,000 feet altitude and perform acrobatic movements in (32 sec)free fall. Then they open their parachutes to slow down and return safely to Earth.

Skyhigh India is a foreign affiliate of the United States Parachute Association (USPA). We are commercial skydiving drop zone located two hours away from New Delhi.


We treat adventure like any other sport and training is mandatory. There is a rigorous training procedure before undertaking any adventure activity. All enthusiasts have to be appropriately dressed and will be trained in the norms, guidelines and communication language.

Tandem Jump

The tandem jump is the easiest and safest way to skydive for the first time. It allows you to experience the thrill of your first skydive safely strapped and securely harnessed to the instructor. You share the parachute with the instructor who controls the jump, allowing you to just experience the rush and enjoy the view! After just one hour of ground training, you can experience the thrill of jumping from 10,000 feet.


We use the best and most sophisticated equipment available in the global market. We use a dual parachute system which has a main parachute and a reserve parachute. The reserve or the emergency parachute is equipped with an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) which activates automatically in an extreme emergency situation. We use only Sigma Tandem Parachute Systems, which are the most commonly used tandem systems across the globe.

Your Jump Day

Ground Training

Once you reach the dropzone, there is a mandatory ground training program for every jumper. Our experienced team of instructors will guide you through the maneuvers in the air to make your jump an experience of a lifetime. The training involves understanding the stages of the jump, good posture, communication language and landing technique.

Game Set Match

Once you are set, you will board the aircraft that will take you to 10,000 feet. The cozy and comfortable cabin can get windy and cold, but don’t forget to marvel at the views below!

Gearing Up

After the training, the instructors will have you all geared up to take you to the skies. Make sure you wear comfortable fitted clothes and footwear to be comfortable during your jump.

The Skydive

You sit on the edge of the aircraft, securely strapped to the tandem master and before you know it, you’ve taken the giant leap and are flying through the sky at 220 km/hour. The free-fall lasts 30-40 seconds, then the parachute opens and in 5-8 minutes you’re back on the ground. Don’t forget to smile all the way, you’re on camera.


Tandem Jump - 23499/-

Tandem Jump with video- 26499/-

Tandem Jump with video & photographs- 27499/-

Frequently Asked Questions


18-60 is the ideal age group for Skydiving activities. Minors don’t get disheartened, you need parents/guardians presence and consent to jump and those above 60, you need to get a clean chit from your doctor.


Mentally you may be up for it, but we need to make sure you are physically fit! Anybody up to 90 kilos is fit to jump. People with heart conditions should consult their doctor before jumping. Those under any kind of specific medication must carry a fitness certificate from their doctor as some drugs may affect judgment. If the instructor at the drop zone advises you against jump on fitness/health grounds, you are entitled to a full refund.

Drugs & Alcohol

We follow a zero-tolerance policy against narcotics or consumption of alcohol within 24 hours prior to jumping.


Clothing is important! We recommend comfortable, preferably athletic clothing. Sneakers and sports shoes, please! We advise you to stay away from skirts, low cut tops, heels, sandals or boots.


Skydiving is subject to weather conditions, but don’t believe the weather on your phones or the TV. Weather on the ground often changes for the better or worse. We will give you the option to call early on the day of your jump for an accurate weather check. And if the weather is very poor, we will reschedule your jump at another convenient time.

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